Plumbing is among the most common businesses that are always in demand. However, it is an industry with high consumer expectations, so small plumbing businesses often face difficulty in growth. But the right strategies can help your business overcome the hurdles and increase your revenue. Read on for the most effective techniques to grow your plumbing business.

Nine Practical Ways To Grow a Plumbing Business

1. Cold Calls

One of the most cost-efficient, simplest, and most effective techniques for plumbers to generate leads!

Cold Calling

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Cold calling refers to reaching out to new potential customers (with no previous contact) to promote your service via call. That is often done with a list of potential leads and preparing a call script for promotion.

When you target the right people who can show interest in your service, cold calling can help you build a relationship with prospective consumers and secure a lead. In fact, 82% of buyers took meetings that began with a cold call.

Talking directly over the call helps interact with them to explain your service and how it can help them.

Even if the receiver lacks any previous contact with your business, an effective call can even help create interest in your service.

Tips to make your cold call effective:

  • Research the receivers before calls.
  • Make a call list.
  • Be prepared with a script (but don’t sound like mugging up).
  • Be patient.
  • Call at the right time.
  • Focus on how you can solve their problem.
  • Personalize and customize every call.

2. Face-to-Face Meetings

It is the most convincing lead generation strategy.

Face to face sales

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Growing a business means increasing sales. And when it comes to sales and customer retention, face-to-face meetings are among the effective options.

That can be even more impactful than calls as it helps you read the expressions and body language and direct your conversation accordingly. An in-person meeting helps better convince them and thus increases your chances of conversion.

You can target a local area and promote your services door-to-door to grow a plumbing business.

One additional tip could be to target old houses. These homes often have hidden plumbing issues getting discovered every now and then. So there are chances of getting more (repeating) customers. Your door-to-door visits may even get you immediate leads that require an emergency plumbing service.

And don’t forget to give your contact details with every visit so that people can reach you later when needed.

3. Social media

Social media marketing is one of the best inbound marketing strategies for small businesses to reach more people and build awareness. You can create a social media profile on the most used channel among your audience to promote your services. Here is how you can use it:

  • Showcase services
  • Offer discounts and other promotions
  • Display happy customers reviews
  • Show before and after images
  • Advise plumbing tips
  • Post DIY videos to fix common issues

Social media will showcase your expertise to people even before they hire your services. This will help your business become trustworthy and credible.

It also helps you build a community to bring interest in your service. You can help solve your audience’s issues through these communities and gain their trust. The people you engage through social media can eventually turn into your loyal customers.

4. Direct Mail

Promote your plumbing business with personalized direct mail.

Mail Box

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Direct mail marketing includes sending physical print materials to the mailboxes of potential or current customers. That includes letters, postcards, catalogs, brochures, etc. You can deliver direct mail to a specific set of target audiences that can show interest in your service.

Direct mail helps spread awareness of your service, showcase your service details and promotions, and makes it easy for them to access you when needed.

Surprisingly, 76% of consumers trust direct mail more than digital marketing when purchasing. That is because it’s more personally designed and causes no interruption.

5. Local Listings

Add your business to the listing to help people find you easily.

Local listing is adding your business’ contact details (name, address, contact, etc.,) to a list (directory) of local businesses.

Homeowners often tend to search these local directories for the services they need. And because plumbing is a common service for a day-to-day basis, your listing in such directories.

Apart from physical directories in your area, you should also list your business in online directories. You can gain more customers using Google Local listing, Yelp, YellowPages, Angi, etc. That will give your business visibility when people search for plumbing services.

6. Print Advertisements

Trustworthy and easy-to-recall medium of promotion.


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This includes distributing physical print materials like business cards, flyers, brochures, pamphlets, etc. Designing attractive and convincing prints can prove to grab the attention of up to 78% of consumers.

One of the reasons they are effective is that people tend to recall and recognize physical ads better than digital ads. Moreover, people of all age groups can understand them quickly. They also trust physical ads more.

And as they provide details regarding your service, interested users can keep them to refer to you later.

Apart from that, you can also advertise your plumbing service in your local newspaper or magazines.

7. Networking

Grow your network to grow your business.


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To grow a plumbing business, networking with your peers and related businesses can help. You can reach out to other business owners in your industry such as plumbing contractors or manufacturers that can refer your business. They can also become a medium to reach new prospects that are already their customers.

Also, try building relationships with your local vendors as they can help with the supplies as you grow and take up larger projects.

Networking increases your growth opportunities, while also helping understand others’ strategies.

8. Consumer referrals

People trust people. Leverage existing customers to grow your business.

Word of mouth

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Marketing through customer referrals includes your existing or past customers referring your business to the people they know. This technique is the best way you can promote your service. That’s because direct word-of-mouth is a very valuable and powerful medium. Around 92% of people trust referrals from people they know.

So if your users are happy with your service, they can recommend it to their friends and neighbors. People find their known people’s feedback the most trustworthy, so it brings in new customers for you. You can create a referral program and provide discounts or free service to loyal customers who can refer you and bring in a new customer.

Customer referrals are one of the effective plumbing marketing ideas. It not only increases your customer base but also helps retain your existing customers by encouraging and benefiting them for the referral.

9. Email Marketing

Cost-effective solution with the best ROI.

Email Marketing

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Email marketing can become a cost-effective solution to grow a plumbing business. Despite being the oldest, it still provides the best returns on investment. You can expect an average return of $42 for every $1 you spend.

You can have two possible ways with email marketing. One is nurturing your existing consumers to increase repeat business. Another is cold emailing. Just like cold calls, cold emails are another way to create new customers by sending promotional emails to those who have no prior contact but can take an interest in your business.

By writing engaging email copies that are personalized, you can mass promote your services and increase your conversions.


To grow a plumbing business you do not have to have a big budget. With the above techniques, you can increase your customer base and revenue without a huge investment. With cold calls, face-to-face meetings, direct mail, and email marketing, you can promote your business with a direct conversation.

Apart from that, by making a presence on social media, and local directories, you can increase your awareness and reach. Lastly, networking and customer referrals can act as a huge ladder for the growth of your plumbing business.


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