Guidelines For Guest Post

We appreciate your concern to write for Plumbers Elite.

We only accept guest blog which is meant to guide or educate our reader.

At Plumbers Elite, we invite you to write for us about different Marketing topics which get published in our blog section

First, you must be very clear about the fact that we don’t pay you for your post. You only have to meet specific criteria to get your blog published.

We also accept a reciprocal link in return.

We prefer you to write on any of the topics that suites you

  • Start Business
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Website
  • Tools

These are just some examples of topics you can choose from. But we always welcome creative minds, If you didn’t find anything that fits, feel free to suggest us a different topic but they have to be about the latest trends and events in our field.

  • The post should be well written in American English.
  • The Blog must be informative and approximately 1000 or more words in length.
  • Use high-traffic keyword titles that encourage people to read them.
  • The content should be 100% unique. The Blog should be original and not published anywhere else.
  • The article must have a relatively good focus keyword that has not been used in any of our blog posts.
  • Ensure that your article is well-written and devoid of grammatical or spelling errors. No plagiarized content would be accepted.
    Keep your paragraphs short — 2-3 sentences each.
  • You should use a rich vocabulary, so the text doesn’t be repetitive.
  • Divide the content by using proper headings and sub-headings (Eg. H1, H2 & H3).
  • Texts must not redirect links to adult or gambling sites.
  • The article cannot sound like promotional content. We are interested in publishing informational articles.
  • You can also include one image for every 300-500 words. Images should be optimized for file size ( 1200 X 800 ).
  • You must add 2-3 appropriate links pointing to internal pages(You can add more if required)
  • Images must be copywrite free.
  • Always provide external links to the source if you are including any stats in the post.
  • Send us your article via Google Docs and make sure we have editorial rights.
  • Attach a single paragraph of the guest author’s bio and a square headshot when you submit your guest post.
  • We keep the right to change the blog & its content whenever required.

Once the Blog is posted on our website, we would like you to share it on all your social media platform.

What Benefits do you get for posting on Plumbers Elite?

  • We post articles under the author’s name.
  • The post is shared with our subscribed newsletter followers.
  • Being an international marketing agency, your post can be read in different parts of the world.
  • Your articles will reach your target audience, and you’ll gain more visibility in your niche.
  • We will share posts on our different social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn.
  • You will be allowed 2 do-follow links (one in the blog section and the other in the Author bio section).